Bomb Crypto Bot- Download Auto Farm


Auto Bomb Crypto Bot

Auto Run and Rest

Auto run and rest your heroes based on the time delay you set. For example, run for 20 minutes and rest for 2 hours.

Anti Idle

Set your time when you want to trigger the anti idle. When triggered it will interact to all accounts to prevent from idling.

Turn off monitor when resting

You can set it if you want to turn off the monitor when your heroes are resting for less electricity consumption.

Calibrate the mouse clicks

Not all monitor screen resolutions are the same that’s why we added a feature that you can calibrate the mouse clicks to adapt to your browser windows.

Auto Login

Automatically login to your accounts. The software will also try to login every rest and run this way we can avoid issues when the account is automatically logging out because of the bomb crypto server issues.

Auto Rest Before Maintenance

We created the bot to automatically rest all heroes when there’s an announcement for maintenance. 30 minutes before the maintenance all the users of AutoBombCrypto will rest automatically regardless of your timezone.

Run your Heroes 24/7

With all the features we put on this Bomb Crypto Bot. You can run all your accounts 24/7 without worrying about it. But we still suggest to check it once in a while because sometimes bombcrypto servers are having some issues.

And more…

There are more features on Auto Bomb Crypto that is not listed here. Check the quick button features below….