Bustadice Script 2023 – Dice Bots & Hacks


An updated version of the script for Bustadice
At the moment, most of the scripts for .. are irrelevant or simply do not work, the script from our launcher is provided below, which will be updated as needed.
You will have a trial version that will allow you to test the product for 1 hour, after which you will be convinced of its relevance. You can find out prices for other software already in the launcher itself.

How to install and run a script Bustadice

It’s simple, download our launcher, see the relevance and availability of the script for Bustadice then download, install in any folder, unzip it, and follow the further instructions.

GUI Configuration for Hack

bustadice supports optional GUI configuration of scripts, allowing the player to configure the script’s parameters in a user-friendly manner.

The GUI-configurable options are defined by creating a config variable on the first line of the script. config must be a var (not a const or let) and must be on the first line (not even preceded by comments). bustadice will parse the config variable into a form. When it runs the script will have access to the values provided in the form by the player.

Bustadice – What is that ?

Bustadice is an ordinary gambling project designed for you to lose your money, but our script will deprive this project of this possibility using its own technique.



07/07/2019 10:30 v.
I removed proxies because I don’t see the need for it.
Saving the wallet address for withdrawal for each currency separately.
A lot of work has been done on SignalR, including reconnecting when the Internet goes down.
When playing, if the Internet has disappeared, the bot no longer falls off, with the appearance of the game, the game resumes (continues).
Balances are updated when the bot is stopped every 10 seconds.
The time of the last button is updated every 10 seconds.
The time of the last button is displayed immediately after opening the bot.
Stop and switch errors were removed, the bot no longer falls off, but it is possible that somewhere he missed something.
If errors are found, please inform me on Skype or write in the chat, as well as in the comments.
I rarely check mail. So, how much spam – I don’t read everything.

07/30/2019 19:30 v.
The rate fixed is not lower than when switching on “Merging rates” and “Risk coefficient” or “Expected profit”

08/02/2019 12:25 v.
In the switch, sorting was completed without closing the condition, as well as a random switch for the choice of any setting, including switching off the switch itself without closing the program, if there is not a single selected setting.

08/08/2019 03:30 v.
Fixed “By the last number of 200 numbers”
Removed chance plus minus
Added a percentage of lost to Stop Win.

08/11/2019 03:30 v.
In stop by win added fixed in the past has been missed.

08/13/2019 12:05 v.
Corrected stops and discharges.
In “Stop by balance value” a stop has been added inside the bets. Valid only on “Below.”

09/25/2019 12:05 v.
Added balance chart

10/25/2019 16:20 v.
Unlocked dependency auto bid and action after Win Loss
Added a checkbox not lower than the start one, if not set, then fixed.

01/21/2023 8:45 v.
A number of corrections have been made.
The bot was transferred to another referral account due to the theft of the account on which it was.

Settings at the request of users:

You use all downloaded settings at your own peril and risk. I cannot guarantee profit.