BC.Game Crash Script / Hack Predictor


Download BC.Game Crash Script / Hack Predictor script

At the end of the article you can download crypto-games.net script through our launcher, you will be provided with the hourly version of the script, which will allow you to make sure that it is working and working, and then use the full version with all modes.

How to setup and rus script

Installation is quite simple, follow the instructions in the lanucher, we recommend installing it in the C folder on the C drive

  1. Download archive
  2. Install the loucher
  3. Find the script you need
  4. Download
  5. Install following the instructions.


  • Multiple Account Support
  • Proxies
  • Algorithm change on the fly
  • 30 predefined strategies
  • Permanent Turnover Dice

What can be changed in the script:

base = 0.00000002 – initial bid

lossStartMult = 9 – number of losses (red), after which the bot starts to double the bet

randomHighLow = true – random HI LO

speed = 1.5 – speed

chance = 24.97 – chance of winning

Actually, I want to bet 1 satoshik and increase the number of red ones and start the bot for the night, in the morning I will post the result.