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999Dice Bot / Script 2021

Bot for 999dice – absolutely automated, will play without your intervention. While you sleep or go about your business, the bot for 999dice will play and win the cryptocurrency for you.The imackos icon (I didn’t capture it in the video) looks like a yellow icon near the search bar

Let me introduce you to the next “miracle” of engineering thought: a robot for playing at 999Dice. Immediately make a reservation that gambling does not give 100% probability of earning, quite the contrary – more often there is a drain on the deposit.

This robot plays 95% strategy and a regulated number of steps:

  • 2 steps – a very risky strategy – can quickly double the deposit, and just as quickly withdraw it completely.
  • 3 steps – a calmer strategy. Makes about 20% in 10 minutes. The risk of draining is already lower, but there is
  • 4 steps – an even calmer strategy. Allows you to earn up to 100% per day. The risk of draining is much lower than in the 3-step strategy, but it exists. I used to earn 200% in two days, then merge 2 times.

I recommend working in a week. And 50% for the strategy 3 steps or 100% for the strategy 4 steps


Once again AHTUNG! Do not risk the amounts that are not willing to lose! Downloading and using this software, the user assumes all risks.

The program has only a minimum of protection against a fool, so be extremely careful when entering addresses, amounts and risks.

A little about the interface and use of the program:

999dice bot 2018

  • login and password fields are locked for editing. When you first use the program, you must create an account by clicking on the button “Create account”. After that, the “logindata.dat” file will be created in the program folder with the credentials for working with this copy of the program. Change the username and password in the program can not be. I recommend saving this file for future use, as well as saving data from the Login and Password fields of the main form of the program.
  • “Enter” key is used to log in to the 999Dice system. And uses the data from the file “logindata.dat”.
  • “Balance selected” field allows you to select the active balance for the program. In the 999Dice system, you can use 3 types of balances: BTC, LTC, Doge.
  • “Request Balance” button serves to update the balance, when depositing funds, it should be used before launching the robot to make sure that the funds arrived on its balance. It will be displayed in the “TOTAL” container, in the “Initial Balance” field.
  • Algorithm Setting container contains the Number of Steps field. Here you can choose the number of steps, above which the deposit will drain. 2-3-4 steps.
    In the field “Address to output” you must enter the address where the robot will withdraw funds. It is advisable to do this before running the algorithm.
  • Switch “Turn on auto withdrawal every” includes the output of profit when the number of percentages indicated in the field next to the switch is reached. Only the profit itself is displayed and the robot continues its work.
    Button “Withdraw ALL!” Displays all funds from the current (selected in the “Balance selected” field) deposit. Active only when the algorithm is stopped.
  • Field “Address to enter” contains the address where you need to enter funds for the deposit selected in the “Selected balance” field.
  • “Start” button starts the algorithm and turns into the “Stop” button, which, in turn, stops the operation of the algorithm.

The output of the program:

Container “TOTAL” contains:

  • The “Initial Balance” field contains the balance that was before the start of work.
  • the “Current balance” field contains the current balance
  • the “Profit” field contains the difference between the current balance and the initial
  • balance and its value as a percentage
  • field “Max. Balance ”contains the maximum value of the Current Balance parameter.

The container changes color depending on the total profit. If the robot in profit is light green, if in elks it is pink.

Container “Rate” contains:

  • “Double” field is not used. Remaining from the previous version
  • the field “Rate” – contains data on the amount of the previous rate
  • the field “Payment” – contains data on the payment from the previous rate

The container changes color depending on the profit in the rate. If the previous bet won – light green, if it was lost – pink.


The top chart shows current balance levels (blue solid), initial balance levels (green line) and target balance levels (red line if auto-withdrawal is active) for the last 600 bets. The bottom chart shows the history of winning or losing bets for the last 400 games. 1 bet won, 0 bet lost.Between the charts, the time elapsed since the launch of the robot and, if auto withdrawal is turned on, the estimated time until reaching the auto withdrawal target is displayed.


Bot Setup:

  1. Download the bot (link above), unpack.
  2. Right-click, click on start.bat, click edit using notepad.
    We observe the following picture:
    echo off
    echo Start this script
    : loop
    @. \ dicer \ dicer.exe Name password API CODE 8 2 5 6 20000 y
    echo% ERRORLEVEL%
    if% ERRORLEVEL% == 12 goto exit
    goto loop
    : exit
    echo Exit by keypressed

We are interested in this line:
@. \ dicer \ dicer.exe Name password API CODE 8 2 5 6 20000 y
Name – enter your login
password – site password
API CODE – we take on the website

Next come the values:
8 – rate
2 – how much to multiply when losing
5 – extreme multiplier
6 – after how many losses to use extreme bet
20,000 – the amount of lost Satoshi, after which the bot starts all over again

Now the strategy, as I bet:

For a start, we get the maximum number of bonuses, this is 999
Whatever is not much, I put it above right away so 100 2 5 30 20000
The bot launched and more than once, from the fifth time, I managed to reach the sum of 5000 satoshes.
After that, I applied other settings 25 2 5 30 1600 – that is, I gave the bot 6 times a bet, if she did not win,
then he started all over again and at the same time I had satoshi for 3 descents 1600 * 3 = 4800
Then, as a bot raised me higher and higher, I raised the stakes, that is, he raised me to 10k Satoshi,
I raised by 2 times the rate and the amount for the descent.
Example: 10k – in settings 50 2 5 30 3200

Let me remind you that this is not a direct guide to use.
Experiment, try to give not 6 rates for the descent, maybe less, maybe more.
Personally, I have seen the maximum bet loses 14 times.