Script - Download Auto Roll Hack

Our script will allow you to multiply the current earnings from the tap, many streams, convenient preset settings, a built-in browser, and proxy support, all this makes our script much better and more stable compared to others, a trial hour is available to you.

Faucet Features:

Hello, I want to tell you about free-Litecoin Script hack such a tap, where in addition to receiving free Litecoins, there is also a way to earn extra money

1) A faucet on which you can receive Litecoin up to $ 200 for free.
2) In addition to the tap, you can get 6% of your Litecoin, which are in the account.
3) With a tap you can demand every 60 minutes.
4) Keep litecoin on the tap and get extra income!

Free-Litecoin faucet hack opinion:

On the faucet hack, you can get extra money, while doing nothing. All that is needed is for your litecoin script to be on the balance of the tap. If you have at least 0.05000000 LTC on your balance, then you are already starting to receive cryptocurrency just like that. Go to the tap and read in the “Earn” section. Get litecoin for free!

Join and get cryptocurrency for free – register in free-Litecoin.

Project Status: Pays


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