General information about the software and its functions:

  • Made a bot in python + selenium. Selenium is a framework with which you can automate almost all actions in the browser.
  • So that sites could not understand that this is not a person, but a script, I also used selenium stealth in the bot. It is designed to bypass any blockers/detectors of selenium’s automation and make it safe.
  • For greater security of your accounts, the GoLogin antidetect browser is used. The bot connects to the browser profile in the antidetect browser and does its job from there, which gives anonymity to our accounts and the probability of a ban with the right abuse tends to zero. Thus, your account farm will look like a
    lot of profiles of ordinary people that are not connected with each other.
  • For comfortable work, I have been making an interface for 4 days now with which you will interact instead of dealing with variables in the code, then you will see it in the explanation for use.
  • 1. The bot takes the account/profile data from the .xlsx table (more on this later);
    2. Connect to the corresponding antidetec profile;
    3. Creates/enters metemask;
    4. Goes to premint;
    5. Checks the requirements to be fulfilled (subscription to twitter and discord);
    6. He himself performs them;
    7. Connects social network accounts to the site;
    8. If necessary, leaves the mail so that it receives messages about registration / victory;
    9. Register for raffle;
    10. Checks if the registration was successful and sends this data to the tables with the registration report.

How to install this miracle?

  • After purchasing the software, you will receive an archive in private messages, in which there will be a folder with software that you must download and unpack. It should be like this:

As you can see above there are 3 files:

  • 001python-3.10.5.exe is a python installer, run it, you can choose a custom path, nothing will change from this. The only thing you have to do is check the box here:
the version may be different than in the photo, but forget about it, the main thing is that you click on the checkmark
  • 002requirements.txt – we need to download the necessary libraries for Python, so that you feel more comfortable, I just made this .txt file, which contains all the necessary ( and not needed 🙂 ) libraries. You need to write cmd
    in the folder with files (in the path to it) and press Enter. Below is an example. After that, we will open the console in which we simply copy-paste this text: Below is the second example of how it looks (they are numbered). Then press Enter and wait for all the libraries to download.

    pip install -r 002requirements.txt

  • 003gologin.exeGo Login antidetect installer , I think everything is clear without me at this stage. (registration, purchase of a subscription, etc.)

After the done actions, you can delete these three files, we no longer need them.

We will work with only three files: Premint.exe, PreMint.xlsx, Chromedriver.exe.

  • PremintBot.exe is the software itself that you will run, I stuffed the code into the program for my safety.
    At the moment, the security lies in the fact that it is impossible to unpack the software and see the code (in fact, it is possible, but those who know how to do this will definitely not buy software from someone) and that after a certain number the software will stop working, I did this temporarily until as long as I set up a server and make a complete protection system for users so that no one except the guys who bought the script could use it.
  • PreMint.xlsx – a table in which you will store/insert the data of antidetect accounts and profiles for abuse and subsequent verification.

    They should be in this order: one row = one user, one column = specific data type.

    And most importantly – the bot counts the number of accounts that need to be automated by the number of rows filled with info in the table, if, for example, you have fully prepared 5 accounts and not filled in all the data in two more accounts, then the bot will think that you have 7 ready-made accounts, since he has them counts by the maximum number of completed rows.

    * I forgot to leave space for mail, it will be at the very end, in column Q

I also indicated which data will be created and recorded automatically, and which will need to be inserted manually
  • Chromedriver.exe is a browser driver that selenium uses for automation, it will need to be constantly specified in the bot settings (more on that below).
    It must match your browser version, you will get the necessary chromedriver in the file, but now I will also show you how to download it yourself, since after a random update of the antidetect, its version may change and you will not be able to launch the browser for automation.

    1 – you need to look at the version of the browser in the antidetect, for this we just launch a random profile and go here: tyts * , we see this picture:

We see version

2 – Go to this site tyts * , download the most suitable version.
Our version in this case is, and
this version works best for us:

Next, we click on this text and download the version depending on
your OS.

Working with software:

  1. Settings for a specific raffle.
  2. Bot settings.
  3. Creation of profiles in antidetect.
  4. General information so that you understand what happens during automation.
  5. (I will also soon make a checker that checks whether your accounts got on the raffle or not)

Small note:

  • I checked on another PC how the software works for its first launch and how to set it up from scratch so that you don’t have troubles. When I did this I got this:
  • Since I hid the main part from prying eyes so that no one would resell the software, you cannot see the code and decompile it too, since it was converted into C code))). Therefore, for those who do not trust me, I advise you to check the rest of the Python files and check the executable for viruses, run the software in a virtual machine on a PC , here is a tutorial , or buy a dedicated device on which the software will work (by the way, it’s very convenient, it’s best to take the dedicated devices on VDsina) .
  • + So I checked the executable on the first site I came across:
  • Also, at the first start, you will have the __pycache__ folder. Hammer in it and do not delete it, it is needed for the executable.

Settings for a specific raffle:

ex = example for the gifted
  • Url – link to premint.
  • Twitter link — link to the project’s twitter.
  • Discord link – link to the project’s ds.
  • Report sheet – the name of the sheet in the table. For each launch, the bot creates a sheet in the table in which it records the actions that it performed, a very convenient thing so that if an error pops up or some kind of emergency happens, find out at what stage the bot is stuck. It is created once, then if you restart the bot and specify the same sheet name in it, then it simply uses the already created sheet with the same name, this is done in order not to litter the table with empty sheets like leaf name1 In the second version of the bot there will be an opportunity to suspend the bot and later finish the uncompleted accounts (but it will be more expensive).
    Here’s a photo:

Bot setup:

  • Table path – the path to the table, specify as in the example and do not forget to specify the format (.xlsx) , this is important.
  • Sheet name – the name of the main sheet of the table, which contains data on profiles and social accounts. networks.
  • Chromedriver path – specify the path to the chromedriver that you downloaded, do not forget to specify the extension (.exe) .
  • Token – In antiquity (GoLogin), to connect to profiles, you need a token, go to antidetect and follow this path: (
    upper right corner of Profile -> Settings -> API Documentation)
    once the token and then constantly insert it there.
  • Metamask link code – I noticed that the link to the “website” metamask is constantly changing (most likely due to mini-browser updates) , you need to check if the link is correct before launching (in fact, it is not necessary to check before each launch, I’m in the section with general information I will leave an example that says that you need to update the code in the link).
    Here’s what part of the link you need to paste:
To do this, you just need to go to any profile in the antidetect and open the metamask as if it were not an extension, but a website
  • MM password – password for metamasks, first MM will be created using this password, and then opened using it.
  • Lenght of mnemonic phrase – the length of the mnemonic phrase, you can select two options: 12 words and 24 words, 0 = 12 words, 1 = 24 words. In this case, it is necessary that ALL wallets have the same phrase length, otherwise an error will pop up. Best of all, create these wallets here tyts * , they are all created here for 24 words in one click.
  • Mail attachment – premint offers to attach your mail to receive notifications about the registration / victory in the raffle. If 0, then the bot will ignore the offer if it appears. If 1, then when the site offers to leave your mail, the bot will do it.
    There are also cases when the project itself asks to indicate your mail (example on the photo) , then you must definitely indicate one and do not forget to insert mail for registration in the ‘Q’ column in the table.

Creating profiles in antiquity:

profile creation function – red color; the function of launching a specific profile – green
  • The function of creating profiles in the antidetect – For this function to work, you need to specify the data of the table with the data in the settings (photo above, the data in the red square) so that the bot can save the data of the profiles that it will create there. After that, specify the number of accounts you want to create and click the Create profiles button . If you do this again, the bot will record them in the table from the very beginning, thereby creating new ones in place of the old profiles, and because of this, your profile, cookies and fingerprint will change in your social network accounts. Therefore, you only need to run it once and create the number of accounts that you need. If you are expanding your farm, then here is a great example of how to do it correctly:

    Example: 1-You already have 200 accounts ready, written down in the table and used a couple of times. But you got up and bought another 200 accs, and for them you need to create new antique profiles. 2- You take all the data from the main sheet of the table, put in their place new accounts that do not yet have their own profile in the antidetect, and in addition you have 200 new profiles in the table without profiles for them and 2000 profiles that are already charged and they are temporarily in another plate. 3- You run the software that creates profiles, now there are new profiles for your new accounts, you just have to move your old accounts to the same sheet, but after new ones, like new accounts take up space from 1-> 200 rows, and you put from 201->400 rows. Problem solved! PS ->It is best to restart the software to create new profiles (close and open) and run the bot to create profiles, then restart the bot again (close and open), and after restarting use the software for premint automation. P.sP.s -> The creation process will be visible in the console that launches the application, in the same place after creating accounts it will show a text like —> N-number of PROFILES CREATED <– this means that the accounts have been created, and just Here I advise you to restart the software.

  • After I created the profiles, I need to add a metamask to them, I asked about this in antidetect support, they say that it is impossible to automate . Therefore, we do the following:

    1. Enter the antidetect;
    2. Click on the settings of any profile and go to the Extencions section (below there is a photo called “step 2” hint)

    3. Click on the “Add extension” button -> in the search we write Metamask and download it -> click on the checkbox next to the extension that appears so that it is added to all profiles.
    (below there is a photo called “step 3” hint)

    Ps -> do this every time after creating new accounts!

step 2
step 3

  • The function of launching profiles from the antidetect – This function is needed since the profiles created by the software cannot be launched manually in the antidetect, I asked the support, they do not know how to solve it, so if you need to run a specific profile, then you need to do it through the software (cookies after profile usage is not saved, this is a huge plus in most cases) . For this function to work, you need to specify the data of the data table, the anti-detection token and the path to the chrome driver in the settings (photo above, data in a green square) . After that, specify the profile that you want to run according to the numbering in the table(for example, profile 4 failed during automation and you want to check what x .., and when you want to run it, you just need to write down here just what row it is in in the table 1, 2 or 3, etc.) and click the Run profile button .

General information so that you understand what happens during automation:

  • When I wrote the bot, I could remove the console, but I didn’t do it so that you could see the logs, and if some kind of file with the software happens, you can send me a screenshot with an error and a screen recording and I can resolve this issue as quickly as possible without spending a lot of time to understand what the hell happened!
  • Before starting, do not forget to close the discord, you must first close the open tab if it exists and then go to the Task Manager and completely disable the discord there so that it does not work even in the background. This is necessary so that when the bot in the browser subscribes to ds, it does not open applications with your account, otherwise there will simply be an error and the software will close.
  • While the software is running, the table cannot be opened, since the bot will no longer be able to connect to it and will go into an error.
  • The bot is made in such a way that if an error occurs during the automation of a profile, it will write an error to the console logs, write an error in the table for the report in the ‘L’ column (this will be more specific now below) and go on to create another profile, without going completely into error.
  • I noticed that there are places during automation in which some kind of garbage happens 1 out of 5-10 times, which is impossible to fix because it is not because of my mistake and because of which the bot goes into a profile fail. Therefore, I decided to add a new function that makes it possible to re-launch the bot for the same project, but only profiles that are faked will be automated. To do this, when you launch the bot for the second time on the same project, you need to specify the same sheet for the report that you used when you first tried to automate.

    The bot checks which profile has failed in the report sheet, namely, it looks in the ‘L’ column, since the result of the profile registration is written in it.
    There can be 4 results in total:
    1. Nothing– this means that this profile has not yet been automated for this project
    2. 5. REGISTRATION FAILED – automation on the site went without errors, but when the bot clicked the register button in response, it received a registration error from the site.
    3. PROFILE n-th number FAIL – in some part of the automation there was a fail.
    4. Any other text, if you accidentally changed the text in this column in some profile, it will be considered as successfully registered. If the bot successfully registered the profile, the bot will write 5. REGISTRATION SUCCESSFUL In the first three cases, the bot will decide what to do automation, in the last case, it will simply write 1. PROFILE n-th number ALREADY REGISTRED to the logs,BUT won’t write it in the report because it doesn’t make sense. Because of this, it is VERY IMPORTANT that one project you want to automate == one report sheet in the table so that you can restart the bot in the second round so that it re-registers failed profiles.

  • A profiling bot can create at least a million profiles, but the antidetect will only save the number that you have a subscription to. By saving, I mean that the antidetect will give the bot an ID by which the bot will connect to a specific profile. (please do not confuse it with a token, the token gives access to your account in the antidetect, and the ID gives access to a specific profile) And the fact is that if you create 300 accounts, and you can only 100, then you will have data for 300 accounts written in the table, but only for 100 accounts there will be an ID that is recorded in the first column, and when the bot starts, then how I said above in the article, it considers the maximum number of rows == number of profiles, and in this way it will also consider your 200 profile data as real, but it will not be able to work with them, since in fact there are none and ID to connect too , this one can be understood by this error:
    'Gologin' object has no attribute 'profile_path'
    Therefore, create only the number of accounts that is available to you

    P.s -> deleting profiles in antiquity can only be done manually for now) in the new version I will add a function for this.

  • If an error occurs that fails all profiles, and not 1 out of 5-10, then here’s what I need to do:
    -In the console, the bot writes logs and writes them to the report sheet. In principle, they are understandable and can be useful to you when you observe what you did / fucked up / skipped, etc. But if something incomprehensible happened to you, then write to me, throw a screen from the logs in the console with an error, copy the data of the list for the report to another .xlsx file and throw it to me.
    -Do a screen recording so I can see where the fail happens.
  • It is best to save the folder in the place where you store the programs, in fact this is the program, and create a shortcut to the .exe file in a convenient place and push the table there. Since you specify the path to the table, it can be not only in the folder with the program, but anywhere, the main thing is to correctly specify the path and do not plug in the .xlsx extension BUT in no case should you transfer the original .exe from the rest of the files, otherwise the software will stop working.


  • Create a backup of your table (a copy in another folder/on another drive), it sometimes crashes due to too fast download speed and save data in it by the software. (fixed but it can float once a month, it doesn’t depend on me anymore)
  • After you have filled in all the data in the interface and pressed the start button of the bot, your interface will not respond. I noticed this during the tests, I want to fix it in the next version, but this is not a particularly important part, because when the bot finishes its work, the interface will continue to respond to button presses, etc.

What will happen in the second version?

  • Multiprocess (a couple of accs in a row will be registered)
  • A full profile with a login/rega on the site and in the application
  • Ability to delete profiles
  • The data will be saved and it will not be necessary to enter new ones each time
  • Subscriptions in social networks are likely to be on requests, so it will be faster and safer
  • There will be a check if you entered the data or not

Krch this will make my premint bot the best of the best, but it will cost many times more and most likely I will have it in 4 weeks (by August 10-13)

Here you go. Who wants to buy/ask/agree , write to tg: @malmi1 To find out about new software and my actions in the crypt faster, go to the channel
I love everyone, then more)


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