In 2009, no one could have imagined that Bitcoin cryptocurrency would be in demand, and its value would reach $ 17,000 for one coin. After a short crisis of 2013, the cost of Bitcoin went up, and 2017 only confirmed the leadership of virtual coins. The demand for cryptocurrency has not remained aloof from the developers of applications for Android. In recent years, they have released dozens of applications, many of which have become very popular with users. Below we consider the TOP-10 applications for Bitcoin under Android, we will consider their features and advantages.

1. Wallet for Bitcoin Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet


Как выглядит меню биткоин кошелька Mycelium Bitcoin WalletMain menu Bitcoin wallet Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

The application Mycelium Wallet is a repository with which it is possible to receive and send cryptocurrency. The advantages of the wallet is 100% protection of money in the account (according to the developers), functionality and usability. After installing the program, you can make transactions away from your home PC, using your phone.

Advantages of the application Mycelium Wallet:

  1. 100% control over the keys that are at hand.
  2. Operational loading of the blockchain chain (within 5–10 seconds).
  3. Manage multiple accounts.
  4. Updating addresses at every transaction.
  5. Connection to the Bitcoin network without time delays.
  6. Import a private key to work safely with a cold Bitcoin wallet for Android.
  7. Protecting storage using a PIN.
  8. Key support BIP38.
  9. Work with other Bitcoin services.

Users of Mycelium Wallet check the option to find other people to trade cryptocurrency. For security, it is worth checking that backup copies of keys are kept.

2. Bitcoin Crane app


Приложение Bitcoin Crane на экране смартфонаBitcoin Crane application interface

Mining is a type of earnings that appeared immediately after the creation of Bitcoin. Despite the growing complexity of cryptocurrency mining and the reduction in premiums for a mined block, the number of people willing to receive virtual coins does not fall. People buy expensive equipment, equip mining farms and join in pools with one goal – to extract Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Crane app for Android – the possibility of earning cryptocurrency on the phone without buying equipment (video cards or ASIC chips) and the cost of electricity. With the help of the program, the user earns coins, tracks the change in the price of virtual coins, and is always abreast of developments related to cryptocurrency and becomes familiar with the intricacies of Bitcoin.

Advantages of the Bitcoin Crane program:

  1. The possibility of making cryptocurrency.
  2. Connection to the referral program.
  3. Convenient interface.
  4. Withdrawal within a week.
  5. Control of market value in real time.


The developers have worked on the interface, which even a novice user will understand. It is enough to download Bitcoin Crane for Android in Google Play and enable the smartphone to earn cryptocurrency. The function of attracting referrals is provided in the crane, thus increasing profits. In addition to the earnings function, there are a lot of information about startups, cryptocurrencies, new trends and ICO in the app.

Every 11 minutes balance is updated. The application gives from 30 to 100 Satoshi (sometimes more). The minimum amount to withdraw is 400,000 Satoshi. When clicking on the referral link, an additional 2600 Satoshi will be charged. It is possible to accumulate the minimum amount for withdrawal in 1.5–2 months of active use. If you translate 400 thousand Satoshi at the current rate, it is about 4,000 rubles.


3. Free Bitcoin for Android smartphones


Как выглядит кран Free Bitcoin на смартфонеFree Bitcoin mobile app interface

Today, Bitcoin Alliens Apps are the leading developers who presented an application to the world such as Bitcoin Alliens Faucet and Blockchain Game. Free Bitcoin for Android deserves no less attention – the program that earns Satoshi after being installed on the phone. Users can receive a reward of up to 250,000 Satoshi hourly and up to a million coins over the weekend.

To get started, you need to enter the Bitcoin wallet address (if it doesn’t exist, the application allows you to do it) and press the earnings button. Payments are made once a week. Proof of the reliability and quality of the application are positive feedback from users who mark the convenience and ease of earning.

How much can you earn? When entering the program, a table opens in which numbers are displayed (prize satoshi). The number of rows – 5×5. The drawing takes place at intervals of 1 time per hour. For one game you can earn 50-5000 Satoshi. The choice of the number occurs in randomize mode. On average, the monthly salary is 2-2,5 thousand rubles. It may be less or more, depending on the duration of the work and the drop-down numbers.


4. Blockchain application – Bitcoin & Ether Wallet


Программа Blockchain Bitcoin&Ether Wallet на экране смартфона
Blockchain Bitcoin & Ether Wallet mobile app interface

The Blockchain application – Bitcoin & Ether Wallet is rightfully included in the TOP-10 best programs on Android for cryptocurrency. This is a digital wallet designed for Bitcoin and Ether, the number of users exceeded 17 million people.

Advantages of the Bitcoin & Ether Wallet app:

  1. Security funds in the repository.
  2. Ease of use.
  3. Two-factor identification, reliably protecting against the actions of intruders.
  4. PIN protection.

The developer has provided a number of additional functions of the Bitcoin application for Android – more than 25 languages, blocking the TOR, searching for cryptocurrency traders in their region. It is worth noting open source, more than 20 exchange rates, support for QR-code and other functions.


5. Bitcoin Ticket Widget


Как выглядит Bitcoin Ticket WidgetBitcoin Ticket Widget application menu

Users who follow the Bitcoin and Lightcoin cryptocurrency rate will like the Bitcoin Ticket Widget application. The program communicates with the largest exchange services in the world, including Bitkonan, Bitmex, Bitstamp, Australian BTC Markets and others. For convenience, users can change the information update interval, as well as its display parameters. To find out the exchange rate, you need to click on the widget.

Users mark the following advantages of Bitcoin Ticket Widget:

  1. Convenience of use.
  2. The output of the courses cryptocurrency on the desktop phone or tablet.
  3. Saving time (no need to go to the exchange).

Of the minuses, we note periodic hang-up and error output. But developers are working on the application, fix problems and regularly release updates without old bugs.

6. Bitcoin Earnings – Satoshi Faucet


Сатоши Кран на дисплее смартфонаApplication interface Bitcoin Earnings – Satoshi Kran

This application is a Bitcoin bot for Android that collects Satoshi. The program pays money in Bitcoins, which can be stored in a special vault and used for any purpose. The developers claim that the application can not be hacked and steal Satoshi users. Accumulated funds are spent on the purchase of goods in stores or change for real money.

The work requires the following steps:

  1. Install the application and register.
  2. Create a wallet.
  3. Rotate the roulette wheel and get paid. The limit is no more than three spins for half an hour.
  4. Perform other tasks and accumulate cryptocurrency.

Advantages of the Bitcoin Earnings application – Satoshi Kran:

  1. Earn money without investing money.
  2. Convenience of use.
  3. Interesting tasks.

For one rotation of the roulette is given from 100 to 210 satoshi. When working 8–10 hours a day in 3–4 weeks, it is possible to earn up to 300,000 satoshi (3,000 rubles). Of the minuses, users note the absence of the Russian language and problems with the conclusion.


7. Bitcoin Billionaire application


Как выглядит приложение Bitcoin BillionaireBitcoin Billionaire application interface

The essence of the Bitcoin Billionaire application – mining Bitcoin by touching your finger to the screen. Users can customize the style of the character, receive additional bonuses, earn virtual coins offline and the presence of a referral program. Today, more than 150 thousand people have marked Bitcoin Billionaire as their favorite app. Of the advantages is to provide interesting characters and the opportunity to “kill” time with interest. The virtual Bitcoins earned in the game, so it will not work to bring them out, but purely as a game is an interesting solution.

8. TabTrader Bitcoin


Интерфейс TabTrader BitcoinTabTrader Bitcoin Main Menu

Making Bitcoin through a smartphone has become easier thanks to the BitTrain TabTrader application. This is a free terminal intended for trading on cryptocurrency fluctuations. The largest exchanges are available to users of the application – Kraken, BTC-E, Houbi and others. Ethereum, Stellar, Neimcoin, Rippl, Dojcoin, Lightcoin and Bitcoin are used in trade.

The advantage of the BitTrain TabTrader application:

  1. Cryptocurrency value change alert.
  2. No fee.
  3. There are no limits on the number of applications and alerts.
  4. PIN security.
  5. Lack of advertising.
  6. Buying Bitcoin with a credit card (on some exchanges).

When creating keys, developers recommend not giving them the rights to enter and withdraw virtual coins.

9. Crypto News for smartphone on OS Android


Программа Crypto News на дисплее смартфонаMenu of the mobile application Crypto News

The Crypto News app for Andoroid is a treasure for users who want to stay informed and keep abreast of news in the world of cryptocurrency. The program collects only useful news from information sites about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Information is updated every hour. The application is useful to miners, investors, traders and people who are interested in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The principle of the program is based on the analysis of headlines, pictures and other news information, collection, analysis and transfer to the user. The list of resources from which information is drawn is regularly updated. This is an RSS aggregator that consumes a minimum of traffic and provides up-to-date information.

Additional options are Bitcoin and Ether courses, the ability to install Likes, news about cryptocurrencies that are gaining popularity (Bitcoin Cash, ZCash) and others.

10. Free Bitcoin Miner – Earn BTC application


Как выглядит приложение Free Bitcoin Miner Earn BTCInterface Free Bitcoin Miner Earn BTC

This application is somewhat similar to Bitcoin Crane for Android – we derive Satoshi and do nothing. The program displays advertisements, after viewing which virtual coins are credited. To start earning you need to install and run the application. While the phone is in your pocket, the Bitcoin program makes money. Advertising appears every 30 minutes. After it is closed, coins are awarded. While waiting, the owner of the phone has the right to do anything – read a book, watch a movie or walk in the street.

Advantages of the Bitcoin Miner – Earn BTC app:

  1. Easy installation.
  2. Charge cryptocurrency for viewing ads.
  3. Convenient interface.

For viewing one video, 250 Satoshi is charged. You can earn 500 satoshi per hour, and 4,000 hours a day (4000 hours). You can earn 120,000 satoshi or 1,200 rubles a month.

The above are the top 10 Bitcoin applications for Android. But this is only a “drop in the ocean” of programs for earning and receiving information about cryptocurrency through a phone or tablet. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, read the description of the developer, user reviews and download applications only from the official Google Play in your smartphone or on a PC.

For more on Bitcoin Cranes for Android smartphones, see the video below:



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