WeenZee Hack

Earnings automation using a script WeenZee Bot will allow you to get rid of the need to repeat the same actions and focus on making money.


What do we need ?


1. Mozilla Firefox Browser

2. Log in (or register) on each of the cranes
3. Imacros application for Mozilla Firefox browser

4. ZenMate application for Mozilla Firefox browser

5. Balance of funds for rucaptcha
6. Download script

1. You can download the Mozilla Firefox browser from any resource using your favorite search engine.

2. We login on each of the cranes, I will be grateful if you log in by referrals (you will not get a penny for this) 
3. Imacros application for Mozilla Firefox browser https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/imacros-for-firefox/

4. ZenMate application for Mozilla Firefox browser 

5. For a balance on rucaptcha, you need to register there first (or log in if you have an account), I would be grateful if you register using the referral link https://rucaptcha.com/?from=957267. Then you can replenish your account in 10 ways offered by the hosting, well, or make money deciding someone else’s captcha.
6. Download the script unpack and transfer the Multibot60 folder

in the macro section of Mozilla Firefox, it is here C: \ Users \ Your username \ Documents \ iMacros \ Macros.

Next, open the Multibot60 folder and edit the three scripts in turn (do not touch the Multibot60 script), I advise you to edit via Notepad



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