Faucet bots: freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com

The assembly includes the same type faucets freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com, which give coins NEM, Ripple and Cardano, respectively. Collection is available every hour. Cranes distribute from $ 0.0003 to $ 300 at the current exchange rate for each coin.
I give my referrals a script for automatic work.
For an overview of faucets, see the example of freenem.com, the other two are exactly the same.
To work on faucets, I use a bot (a bunch of Firefox + Imacros).
Bot features:
– collecting coins
– choice of captcha recognition service: X-captcha.ru or Rucaptcha.com
– waiting page with information about balances on faucets and the time until the next collection
– restart the browser after a set time
The cost of solving a captcha through the service X-captcha.ru – 5 kopecks, through Rucaptcha.com – 16 kopecks. At least a fee of 2 pennies. A captcha solution is not always required.

How to get a bot?
In order to get a bot, you need:
– register on the faucets on my referral links (use your banners)
– make the first collection on each crane
– Verify accounts by reference from the letters that will come to you in the mail from each tap
– write me an email to [email protected] with the title: Build for freenem. In the letter, specify the e-mail, which (s) was registered on the faucets.
If you are my referral on all faucets, then I will send you a link to download the bot.

If you already have accounts on these faucets, and you do not want to become my referral, you can buy a bot for 150 rubles (or the corresponding amount of $, BTC, ETH). Write me an email [email protected] letter with the title: Build for freenem. In the letter, specify the payment system, which is more convenient (Yandex.Money, WebMoney, PayPal), I will send you my details, after the payment I will send the bot.

Bot setup
After you receive from me a link to the archive with the bot, download it to your computer and unpack it.
The archive will be two folders FirefoxFreenemColl and FreenemCollection.
Copy the folder FreenemCollection to the root of the C: drive (C: \ FreenemCollection). This folder is needed to solve the captcha, logging and other tasks. Copy the FirefoxFreenemColl folder to a convenient place for you and open it. Run the file FirefoxPortable.exe. On the left, right-click on the freenem_collection.js file and click Edit.

freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com
The script editing window will open. Scroll to the top, we find lines 15 and 16. In them you need to enter your keys to the recognition services. The script has comments where to enter what. We enter data instead of asterisks between quotes. If you do not have a key for the handles, here is how to get it. And here, how to get the key from Xcaptcha. In line 19, we select the recognition service, just change the number.
freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com
freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com
In lines 25 to 34, you need to enter data for authorization on the faucet. We enter data instead of asterisks between quotes.

In line 40, we set the time after which the script log is cleared (the file in which the results of all fees are recorded). The time is set in minutes, the default is 24 hours.
In 41 – 43 lines the waiting time between collections on faucet is set, if you put 0, the bot will not enter the crane.
In line 44 – the browser reload interval (I recommend setting 240 minutes).

freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com
freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com
After all the settings, click Save & Close.

It remains to edit the file responsible for restarting the browser. If you will not use this function, put 0 in line 44 and the file does not need to be edited.
Added this function because during long work of the bot, the browser begins to consume a lot of RAM, which adversely affects the script. Periodic reboot avoids excessive resource consumption.
So, go to the C: drive, in the FreenemCollection folder, find the restart file with the .bat extension, call the context menu and click Modify. Or simply open with Notepad.

freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com
In the document that opens, in the 4th line, specify the path to the browser with the FirefoxFreenemColl bot. If you have a browser on the C: drive, you do not need to change anything. After editing, close the file, saving the changes.
freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com
When the bot launches this file, the browser closes. In a minute it will open again and the bot will continue to work.

Run the script by double-clicking or, selecting the script file, click Play.

freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com
The bot will start its work. Moves to the first tap from the list and checks whether the account is logged in, if not, it is authorized. Then presses ROLL! and solves the captcha. Sometimes a captcha solution is not required, in this case the bot will write about it in the log. Also, the gain will be recorded in the log and the bot will switch to the next tap.
The actions of the bot are accompanied by explanations at the bottom of the Imacros panel.
freenem.com, coinfaucet.io, freecardano.com
After fees on all cranes, the bot goes to the waiting page, which displays information about the balance on each crane, the time until the next collection, as well as balances on the recognition services.

To view the log, go to the folder C: \ FreenemCollection and open the file log.txt. The time of collection and your winnings for each tap are recorded in the file.


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