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Cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity, and some analysts are confident that in the near future they can replace bank cards. btcclicks bot



btcclicks bot Already, users are actively creating online wallets and collecting crypto money in various ways. All this is done in the hope that the course will change in a positive direction and it will bring profit.

Btcclicks is a bitcoin mailer that every newbie can use. To make a profit, just look at surfing ads.

You visit advertised sites, you get small rewards. They also earn money by attracting and renting referrals.

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How to make money on Btcclicks btcclicks bot?


Not surprisingly, the choice of many moneymakers falls on this site. He has been paying money consistently since 2013. 0.00548 mBTC is paid for each viewed site, 0.00438 mBTC for referral clicks. Profit increases if you buy a premium account or use an affiliate program.

So you can quickly make calculations, the rate of 1 mBTC = 0.00100000 BTC.
With this site they earn only Bitcoin, therefore, you first need to create a Bitcoin wallet. This will take a few minutes, and Btcclicks reviews indicate that this is a quality system.

It’s extremely easy to work, but to ensure that none of the newbies get confused, we created a Btcclicks earnings instruction:

    1. When you enter the site, indicate your wallet number in a special line and proceed to registration:


    2. Next btcclicks bot you need to specify a valid Email, through which verification is performed, so add the real address:


    3. The final step of registration is making a password. You also need to agree to the terms of service:


    4. The general statistics is displayed in your account. The number of referrals, sites viewed, balance and other data is shown:


    5. The easiest way to get Bitcoins is to start visiting sites. They are added in the “Surf Ads” section, the lists are constantly updated, and even more advertising sites are offered at night:


    6. After clicking on the link to the advertiser’s site, a tab with a timer opens. It is necessary that the time on it is over and after that the funds are immediately credited to the balance:


    7. To withdraw funds, it is required to accumulate 0.1 mBTC on the balance, a fee of 1.5% is charged. If you do not want to share your money, output at least 0.01 BTC. Money comes instantly:

Such a Bitcoin earnings without investments really helps to get the first crypto money with minimal effort. Everyone will be able to visit sites, they don’t pay much, however, Bitcoins can repeat their sharp rise, so it’s better to start earning them right now. Sign up and use the verified site.

Earnings on referrals with Btcclicks


Any btcclicks bot systems for making money offer an affiliate program. Earn with Btcclicks on ref. networks are even more profitable. For this there are 2 interesting ways.

The first is a classic, making a profit for the activity of invited people. The second is often found only in foreign projects – referrals for rent.

The developers promise to pay from 40% to 80% of their income from the invited user. Also, each transition from a referral to an advertising link brings 0.00438 mVTS.

In the section for earnings on referrals the usual link is presented and it is proposed to use one of the banner formats:

In Russia, this site is not very popular, so you can recruit a large active team. With it, you can still increase revenue if you buy a premium account. They are sold for a period of 3 to 12 months, now there are promotions, so you will spend less than shown in this image:

What does such a membership in the system? First, you start getting 0.00099 mBTC over viewed sites. Secondly, with clicks referrals comes 0.00079 mBTC. Conditions are favorable, but in order to use them, you will have to make deposits. Let’s assume that you buy a paid rate and you will have 50 active referrals.

Let’s show that they watch at least 10 sites per day. In this case, the monthly passive income will be 12.3 mBTC (0.0123 Bitcoin):

You can invest not only in paid rates, but also in referrals rent. Their system automatically selects, it is impossible to select any specific users. Each of them made at least 15 clicks in the last 5 days, so there are no abandoned profiles:

Available for rent for a period of 7 to 30 days. For the day of renting one referral, you need to give 0.00000294 BTC, usually they are purchased in batches. So that you can calculate whether it is profitable, look at the click statistics from 20 rented referrals:

As you can see, inactive users come across, but there are not so many of them. Therefore, it is also possible to invest in this direction. Unfortunately, there is no Btcclicks in Russian, but there are not so many functions here, so it’s easy to understand everything.

Use Bitrobot – a bot to make money on cryptocurrencies, there is no need for activity at all, stable, large, passive income.
Bitcoins make money on Btcclicks is quite realistic, and decide whether to invest money in it or not. Try to start with surfing and invite at least a couple of friends. Who knows, maybe they will be active users, but for you it will be a decisive moment for development.


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