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The Coinpot faucet 2022 site is a very convenient micro-purse for crypto-currencies: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, dash, dogecoin and litecoin, with the possibility of their mining on any computer.

Do not understand what bitcoin and crypto currency is? Read the article “what is bitcoin and crypto currency in simple words”.

Funds fromfaucet working with coinpot are credited to the wallet automatically




Content Coinpot.


  • Registration for coinpot, features of work on the wallet.
  • faucet with payment on coinpot (“Moon” and others).
  • Mining on the site of a coinpot.
  • Withdrawal from coinpot.
  • Lottery and coinpot tokens.


The registration procedure for coinpot: specify your email address (mail), come up with a password for the site with at least 8 characters, enter captcha, confirm the mail.

If you visited faucet working with coinpot before registering for a coinpot, the registration on the wallet will automatically pass according to the data indicated on the crane.

After coinpot registration is completed and email is confirmed, in order to improve security in your account profile, it is desirable to create 2FA authorization (not mandatory), save the electronic key in a separate file or write it on paper.

To register and get the crypto currency on the Coinpot faucet  with the output to coinpot, you need to specify the appropriate currency purse address.

The address of the coin purse that you need to specify at the time of registration on the faucet can be found by doing the following:

click on the name of the crypto currency (menu on the left);
on the page find the button with the word “deposit”, click on it;
in the window that appeared, you will see an address that can be copied and specified at the time of registration.

COINPOT faucets.

faucet with a conclusion on coinpot a few, but they are worthy of attention, both reliable and convenient for use. The ruler of faucet with a conclusion on коинпот often name “Moon” as the majority of them in a domain name and a site has a word “moon”.

Crypto currency from these and other faucet can be obtained with the help of a bot, which can be downloaded for free.




Bonus bitcoinБиткоин кран Бонус Биткоин (bonusbitcoin) с выводом на coinpot 

(Bonus bitcoin) is a common, workable bitcoin with a coinpot output.

The time of the collection timer is 15 minutes.

The amount of satosh for one fee is from 1 to 5000 + daily bonus. Conclusion on the coinpot is immediate.

The amount of advertising compared to other faucet is not great, but you have to press the collect button twice, since after the first click a redirect will occur.



Bit funБит фан (bitfun), кран биткоин кран с выводом на сайт coinpot(Bit fan) is a very interesting alternative to standard bitcoins. There are several ways to get Bitcoin on Bit fun:

– playing various browser games;

– performing complex tasks on a PC and a phone, the cost of which often exceeds 10 000 -20 000 satosh.

The time for collection is not limited by the timer. The more time passes and the higher the level of games, the more crypto currency you can get at a time. The withdrawal of funds for coinpot is instant and automatic.





Moon BitcoinКран луна биткоин кран (moon bitcoin) с выводом на coinpot (Luna bitcoin) – an excellent, simple bitcoin-crane, working with coinpot, which distributes free satoshs with a timer of 5 minutes and an “alarm clock”. There is a system of bonuses. The more time has passed, the more Satosh can be obtained. Minimum of popup windows and redirects.

In addition, the opportunity to receive funds for the performance of tasks, video viewing.



Кран валюты dash на coinpot (Луна Даш кран)On the coinpot site, the dash-crane has only one – the Moon dash

(Luna Dash). This crane is easy to use, very similar to Moon Bitcoin. Depending on the time of the last visit, the amount of dash coins received can reach several hundred.

To get dash, you need to “sustain” 1 redirect and 1 rekapchu, otherwise there should be no difficulties





Моментальный litecoin coinpot кран (луна лайткоин)To get a litos (minimal Litecoin coins) and output them to a coinpot, it’s best to visit the moon litecoin site (Luna Lightcoin). This is the brother of Moon Bitcoin Moon dash. The principles of work are the same, the more the pause between the collection, the more money you can get. Only the amount of crediting the Lithuanian is much higher. Approximately 1 coin in 6 seconds, but you can pick up no earlier than 5 minutes.



Луна кран dogecoin с выводом на coinpot (Луна догикоин)There is only one dogecoin crane on the coinpot, which differs from the dash, Litecoin and Bitcoin counterparts only as a currency for collection. This crane is Moon dogecoin. For one collection, you can get from a few hundredths to a few tenths of a dogoicin. Moon dogecoin






Moon cash — an excellent crane bitcoin with a mental output to the coinpot. Time to collection is 1 minute. The more you wait, the more satosh you can get. Like all faucet with output to a coinpot, it is understandable, convenient, a little obtrusive advertising, compared to other sites for free crypto currency. The site has an excellent system of bonuses.

In addition, I recommend to visit  top bitcoin cash cranes with a conclusion on the faucethub.



MANNING ON Coinpot TOP Faucets 2022


The site of the coinpot provides an opportunity to mine any crypto currency with which it operates. You can hack on any computer, because the extraction of digital currencies occurs using a browser with the use of a processor, rather than a video card.



We press the button “mine” in the menu of the desired crypto currency. In the new window, we select the degree of processor utilization and the number of threads for mining, click on “start mining”. The higher the parameters are selected, the more money can be obtained. But on weak PCs, the maximum parameters can slow it down. Although this phenomenon is not noticeable, since the program loads the processor more strongly, when the PC “is not busy”, weaker, when you do something on the computer.
In the Mining window, click on the “earn more” button, copy the link. It can be inserted into the browser of any computer and run a mining, which will only bring profit to you.
For site owners. You can mine with the help of sites, rather with the help of the processors of visitors. The method is a bit not fair, but it does not bring any harm and the performance of the PCs of visitors is not greatly affected. In the window of mining, clicking on “earn more”, copy the code for the site, paste it into the right place. Visitors see the power of their processors, in a certain place on the site, meanwhile, coins of a certain crypto currency are “dripping” into your coinpot wallet.
Accruals for mining in any way are displayed on the site of the co-op about once every 5 minutes.


How do I get out of coinpot?


The coinpot is a micro-purse, therefore it is necessary to withdraw funds from it for the corresponding basic cold or hot crypto-currency purses or exchanges (to derive from the principle: bitcoin – to bitcoin wallet, lightcoin – to lightcoin purse, and so on).

On the main purses and exchanges, the Crypto currency is converted into dollars, rubles, hryvnia and other fiat currencies with further withdrawal to the card, bank account or payment system. You can choose the appropriate exchange for you from the rating of crypto-exchange exchanges.

To withdraw funds from coinpot, you need to click the “Withdraw …” button in the corresponding crypto currency menu, select the purse from the drop-down list (or leave it as is, if you want to display it on the purse, which is not in the list). In the box below enter the address of the selected wallet, enter the password of the coinpot, solve the captcha click on “Withdraw”, which is in the lower right corner.




name  minimal  %
 BITCOIN 0.0001 btc за снятие средств меньше 0,0005 btc – 1000 сатоши, больше – без комиссии.* (с марта комиссии нет*)
bitcoin cash 0.0001 bch no %
dash 0.0002 dash no %
dogecoin 50 doge no %
litecoinbitcoin cash 0.002 ltc0.0001 bch no %

no %


* On the microcircuits faucethub – commission 1.5%, faucetsystem (for bitcoin) – 2%, faucetfly (for bitcoin) – 1.3%.

Conclusion with coinpot is carried out for 48 hours.

In addition to the coinpot website, you can convert the crypto currency between each other.

When you are issuing crypto currency with a coinpot, be sure to pay attention to the minimum entry requirements in the main wallet. If the funds will be less than the minimum amount of the deposit, there will be no crypto currency, you can lose the earned money.


To speed up the process of extracting crypto currency on the coinpot faucet, you can download a free bot to collect crypto currency and add the desired sites there.


On March 28, 2022, new opportunities appeared on the micro-purse: lottery and coinpot tokens.


Tokens coinpot is the internal currency of the wallet, which brings additional earnings and opportunities on the site.


With Coinpot tokens, you can play the lottery.
Tokens can be converted to other crypto-currencies.
Earn on the exchange, because the rate of tokens varies as well as other crypto-currencies.


Coinpot tokens can be earned on faucet working with a coinpot, 3 for each collection of crypto currency.
You can get 1 token per each collection of crypto currency referral.
Bypass using the browser.
Exchange crypto-currencies for coins token.


The price of Coinpot tokens fluctuates both on the exchange, depending on supply and demand. From the introduction to the writing of the article, the tokens had a positive upward trend relative to the currencies presented at the cobbles.


Unfortunately, for now, the wallet does not have a convenient tool for viewing the price of tokens. There is no separate button, no graphics.

To find out the cost of coins tokens, you need to enter the menu of this currency, click on “Convert Coinpot tokens”. In the pop-up window, select the crypto currency, the value of which we want to know in the site’s tokens. After simple manipulations in the next line, the price of the desired currency will be shown.

Как узнать цену COINPOT TOKENS

The same window, you can use as a calculator. After you enter the number of tokens you want to change, for example, bitcoin, the next line will immediately calculate the final amount of satosh, which you will receive in exchange for your tokens coinpot.




LOTTERY Coinpot is an additional opportunity to win tokens on the site.

Once per hour, the lottery round is played out. The cost of 1 lottery ticket is 1 token.

You can buy as many tickets as there are enough coinpot tokens and desires, rather than increase the chance of winning. The total prize pool consists of all tokens paid for tickets in the round, plus an additional bonus of 1000 tokens. Winners and prize-winners are played randomly, but only 1 ticket in Rhinde becomes victorious.

The winner receives approximately 50% of the total prize fund.

Another 5 prize-winners receive 10% of the total prize fund.